Nathan Blake Lynn is an American musician, writer and folklorist from Paducah, KY. Along with being a founding member of the bands Bawn In The Mash and the Wheelhouse Rousters, he has recorded 4 solo albums. He is also a supporting musician in the Solid Rockit Boosters and legendary dobro player Jack Martin's band Good Company. An honorable Kentucky Colonel and standing board member of the Kentucky Oral History Commission, Lynn's songs highlight his love for American roots music.

Nathan has performed in churches, bars, street corners and festivals throughout the United States. He spent many years working as a transporter, traveling in a white Freightliner across the country and also had the fortune of performing upon numerous excursion boats on the Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers, including the Delta Queen.

Over the years Nathan has shared bills with many artist including Tim O'Brien, The Legendary Shack Shakers, Darrell Scott, Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three, Cowboy Jack Clement, Black Oak Arkansas, Corn Meal, Eddie Pennington, Drew Emmitt and many others. In 2011, Nathan received an honorable mention in the Telluride Troubadour Competition. The same year, his song "Last Night in Grandma's Bed," was featured as the intro music for the show Bluegrass Underground.

In 2013 he donated all proceeds from his self produced album, "New Songs From Old Western Kentucky," to WKMS Radio out of Murray, KY. Also in 2013 he was featured along with friends J.D. Wilkes and Josh Coffey in the WKMS documentary "Kentucky Dam: Power for the People," which won the 2013 National Sigma Delta Chi Award Winner given by the Society of Professional Journalists. In 2014 he was featured in the WKMS documentary "Irvin S. Cobb: Back Home" as well as, J.D. Wilkes book, "Barn Dances and Jamborees Across Kentucky." The same year, Nathan and Coffey were part the backing band along Layne Hendrickson, and J.D. Wilkes, for Charlie Stampers, Appalshop release, "Glory To The Meeting House."

Nathan has appeared on numerous KET programs as well as in Paducah Life.In 2014 he began to present at engagements, advocating the preservation of Westen Kentucky roustabout music and the work of musicologist Mary Wheeler.


Playing Dead (2001)

Welcome To The Atomic City, Bawn In The Mash (2006)

Hurry Up And Wait, Bawn In The Mash (2007)

Confluence, Bawn In The Mash (2008)

Two Catfish And A Bluegill (2008)

Who Said The Worlds Fair? (2009)

Ramble Lynn (2013)

New Songs From Old Western Kentucky (2013)

Steamboatin', The Wheelhouse Rousters (2014)

A Grand Ole' Time Indeed, Bawn In The Mash (2014)

Times Of Uncertainty, The Wheelhouse Rousters (2016)

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